Pallet Waste Management

We partnered with Metro Transport for transport companies in sydney, which provides a fleet of flat top trucks to deliver, pick up, and help recycle pallets. Our transportation partner picks up odd-shaped and untreated pallets as well as those we make ourselves. You do not have to dump your pallets in a trash can and buy new ones.

We provide waste management bins suitable for pallet storage. This cost-effective solution lets you or your customers stash their pallets after use. We pick them up from the bins to examine, recycle, and re-deliver to you for future use.

Let The Pallet Man provide you with the pallets to save you money, time, and person-hours. Using pallets saves you money in multiple ways. This one-time expense lets you reduce the amount of storage you use. You can store going up instead of branching out. You load a pallet four or five boxes high, then shrink-wrap the boxes to the pallet to secure them. This makes it safe to store them. Now, your boxes require only one-fifth of the amount of storage as they did before. That either frees up room in the building you own, or it saves you from needing to rent as large a space as before. Palleting boxes make good sense.

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